Kyla sqI’m Kyla, a nutritionist with a passion for baking healthy indulgent cakes. Here is a bit about me and my journey of how I got here. Travelling the world,  experimental cooking, cake tasting, and much more. I’m on a mission to bring great taste and variety to your pudding bowls.

I grew up in a healthy vegetarian family, eating houmous when it was rare to find it in the shops, selling my home grown organic raspberries at the age of 6 as my ‘little business’ and asking for fruit trees for my birthdays as a kid. So, I guess healthy eating has always been a part of my life since a young age. My dad has been a great inspiration to my healthy ways, with his vegetable allotments in the garden and delicious wholesome cooking.

The irresistible sweet taste of chocolate and muffins certainly came into my world as a teenager, I simply couldn’t resist! I still have a sweet tooth and I love to have a cake whenever I can, but now I can gladly say that I have developed healthy recipes, so I don’t need to feel guilty when I indulge.

My love for eating delicious food and interest in health lead me to study a diploma in nutritional therapy and a masters degree in nutritional medicine, graduating in 2010. Having studied nutrition in such detail, I take a scientific approach to food and cooking, even when baking a cake! The melting temperatures, smoking points and fat solubility are all thought through in my head when coming up with new recipes.

After graduating, I went travelling around the world, of course trying as many cakes as possible from different countries, Thai sweets, Chinese tarts, Australian muffins and American cheese cakes. All of which tasted amazing, but were generally lacking in any nutritional goodness. With my round the world knowledge of good food, and with my love for making healthy foods taste delicious, I decided there was a serious gap in the market for honestly healthy cakes that tasted as delicious as their nutritional benefits.

Kyla with cakeOver the years, I have tried so many supposedly ‘healthy’ cereal bars laden with sugar. It makes me think , ‘I could do this better’ so off I go in search of ideas. ‘Healthy’ cakes are also often low in fat, or low in calories, but are actually still full of sugar and refined grains, so for my standards, this is certainly not healthy. To me, a healthy cake is one that adds to your health providing nutrients and whole foods.

On my return from travelling, I moved in with a couple of other fellow nutritionists. Living with three foodies, our kitchen was more of an experimental science lab – we’d do ready steady cook nights to try out at least one new unfamiliar food a week so we could embrace all these new foods and learn how to cook with them.

Cut to today and I’m now an avid baker and food experimentalist. This blog is a place for me to share my edible inspirations from my playtime in the kitchen, from my deep love for whole foods. I am not a trained chef or baker – the recipes you read are finally perfected recipes after lots of failed attempts!

I want to show you how delicious healthy food is – using only ingredients that will add to your health, nothing that will take away from it.

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