Muffin deliveries now available

By October 7, 2015 Blog
4 muffins colourful edit

Deliveries on Tuesdays and Fridays only

Muffins are fresh to eat for 3 days after delivery (or up to a week when stored in an airtight container in the fridge)

Heavenly chocolate muffins


Beetroot muffin from above24 Heavenly chocolate large muffins £72 (£3 each)

48 Heavenly chocolate mini muffins £72 (£1.50 each)


Green pear goodness muffins


green pear muffin from top24 Green pear goodness large muffins £72 (£3 each)

48 Green pear goodness mini muffins £72 (£1.50 each)


Spiced apple & carrot muffins


carrot muffin from above24 Spiced apple & carrot large muffins £72 (£1.50 each)

48 Spiced apple & carrot mini muffins £72 (£1.50 each)


Banana & almond muffins


banana muffin from top24 Banana & almond large muffins £72 (£3 each)

48 Banana & almond mini muffins £72 (£1.50 each)



Minimum order 24 large muffins / 48 mini muffins

Deliveries currently in London only (please enquire for deliveries out of London as this may be possible for an additional cost)

For regular muffin deliveries, please email

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Chia seeds as a vegan egg replacement

By November 17, 2014 Blog
Chia Seeds

You may have heard of the wonderful ‘superfood’ chia seeds. Seeds seem to come in and out of fashion, with chia being hot on topic these days. It is not that they have suddenly been discovered, they have been around for a while, but only recently have they been shouted about in glossy magazines to catch your eye.

So what is so special about chia seeds then? Well, in terms of their nutrition content, they are high in protein and vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, very similar to all other seeds. Something that does make this seed stand out from others is that almost all of the fat contained in chia seeds is omega-3. Most seeds have a combination of omega-3 and omega-6, however as we get far too much omega-6 in our diets generally (from grains and meat etc), it is great to have a seed which balances out our omega-6 to omega-3 ratio. Another seed containing high levels of omega-3 is linseed. Linseeds are very similar to chia seeds when comparing their nutritional content, and they both have the ability to absorb lots of water, therefore making foods thicker.

The gloopy water absorbing effects of chia seeds makes it look a bit like frog spawn when soaked, which looks pretty cool, but perhaps a bit too unusual for some people. If you blend 200ml oat milk / almond milk, and 50g berries and then soak 30g chia seeds in the mix overnight in the fridge, it tastes amazing. If you have a sweet tooth, you can stir in 1 tbsp. agave nectar before soaking. Serve with stewed mixed berries on top for a delicious breakfast or dessert.

One of the best uses of chia seeds has to be its ability to act like egg when cooking. Egg usually helps other ingredients to stick together when baking, but if you are vegan, or if you avoid eggs for any other reason, you don’t want to be left with a crumbling dry cake. If you add 1 tbsp. of ground chia seeds (use a coffee / spice grinder) with approx 6 tbsp. water, this gives the same effect as an egg in a cake, keeping it moist and holding together nicely.

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“I deserve a treat right?”

By May 21, 2014 Blog
DSC_0009 (2)

I hear this comment so often…  the couple of biscuits in the morning and the odd doughnut is a deserved ‘treat’. So, why do we see these sugary refined heart disease on a plate type of foods as our treats? Well, this could be because they taste so good. The delicious sweet sugar combined with satisfying fats is exactly what our bodies crave. This would be fine if we had to hunt and gather our food, burning lots of calories on the way and then having limited food to consume, but a car drive to the office with a pile of mouth watering chocolate biscuits waiting for us at our desk is not what we have evolved to deal with.

As a nutritionist myself, I too have this urge to eat sweet foods. Yes, I am normal too and I don’t just crave eating apples. I understand this desire to eat cake, biscuits and chocolate, but I also personally understand how this is effecting my body. I certainly don’t see sugary refined foods as a treat, but as something that although tastes good, is so refined that it will require nutrients to break down in my body, however without providing these nutrients. So, the vitamins and minerals from your healthy breakfast may be used up to an extent when you tuck into your mid morning biscuit snack. The B vitamins found in green vegetables and wholegrains for example are needed for your body to be able to process refined white sugar, and these B vitamins could have otherwise given you more energy which would be appreciated in the morning!

I have a better idea, why not have a delicious tasting treat which still contains the sweetness from natural unrefined ingredients (such as bananas and dried dates), the B vitamins and fibre found in wholegrains, healthy fats which are not damaged in the heating process such as coconut oil, and the added bonus of antioxidants from fruit. If a treat is healthy, it doesn’t have to be that ‘deserved treat’, you don’t have to justify why you are allowing it and it can be something you have on a normal daily routine, without having to worry about any negative effects on health. Having a delicious bite of something which tastes amazing and is actually adding to your health is what I call a treat. You are treating your taste buds, and at the same time you are treating your body.

One of my favourite quick easy treats is 85% dark chocolate with dried figs. Cocoa is full of antioxidants and iron, and figs contain an array of nutrients including vitamin K, calcium and magnesium – some of the most important vitamins and minerals for bone health!

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